[TOPIC]What are the benefits of using an SSD for a game storage?

Important points when choosing an SSD and how to use it on a home video game

Recently, the capacity of game software is getting large. Therefore, when the number of your games increase, or you download game contents, the built-in storage may run out of space. In that case, it is necessary to replace the internal storage or use an external one. Especially when replacing the storage used for games, it is recommended to choose an SSD than an HDD. Following sections introduce you the advantages of using an SSD as a storage for games, important points when choosing an SSD, and how to use an SSD on a home video game.

1. Advantages of using an SSD for game storage
What are the benefits of using an SSD as a game storage?

1-1. Increase in loading speed
An HDD reads and writes data by spinning disk-shaped parts called “platters”, while an SSD does not have any mechanically driven parts. So an SSD is better at loading speed, and it may possible to shorten the start-up time and the loading time of maps, though how the loading time is shortened depends on each games.

1-2. Less heating
As mentioned earlier, since an SSD is not a mechanical drive, it is quitter and less heating than an HDD. Especially for a high-performance gaming PC, using an SSD can reduce power consumption and the operation may less likely to be adversely affected.

2. Important points when choosing an SSD for games
What should you be aware of when choosing a gaming SSD? This section introduce you points to check before buying an SSD for gaming.

2-1. Capacity
The amount of data in recent games has been increasing, and it is common for a large-scale game to exceed 50GB. Considering that there will be bug fixes and new content updates, more free space should be left, even after saving the game data itself. Especially if you are going to have multiple games that require a large amount of capacity, it is recommended to choose an SSD with more than 1TB capacity. And, it is also recommended not to save game data and OS in the same storage since OS updates may often occupy disk space.

2-2. Gaming itself does not become comfortable
There is high possibility that the data loading time can be shortened by replacing with an SSD, however it does not mean gameplay is dramatically improved.

It is CPUs, memory, and graphic board that affect performance and comfort of the game itself. Particularly when the game does not work properly on the PC, you need to consider replacing graphic board rather than replacing the internal storage with an SSD.

3. Is it possible to use an SSD on home video games?
This section explains about an SSD replacement for major home video games.

3-1. PS4®, PS4® Pro
Both PS4® and PS4® Pro are comply with using an SSD as external and replacement of the internal storage. It is also possible to transfer games installed in an internal storage into an external SSD easily.

Notice: An external SSD must support USB3.0 and the capacity must be 250GB to 8TB.

Since both have an HDD as an internal storage, using an SSD instead of the HDD, can shorten the loading time. When you replace these internal HDD with SSDs, it is necessary to select an SSD with SATA connection as both PS4® and PS4® Pro use SATA connection.

Notice: To replace an internal HDD with an SSD, the SSD must be 2.5in., the thickness less than 9.5mm, and the capacity more than 160GB.

3-2. Xbox One
When you use an SSD for Xbox One, you must choose an external one since the manufacturer does not allow replacement of the internal storage. And an external SSD must comply with USB 3.0 and with more than 256GB for its capacity.

Our recommended SSD: For PS4®, PS4® Pro, and Xbox One

High durability Portable SSD, smooth rubber framed (Musashi), 480GB, USB3.1 Gen1, Made in Japan

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3-3. Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch increases its storage by inserting a microSD card into the slot. Please be noted that when using a micro SD card, it is required to connect to the Internet and update Nintendo Switch.

Our recommended micro SD card: For Nintendo Switch

High durability Micro SD card, good for dash cam, MLC, 64GB
Durable. Good for repeated recording. Good for use under high/low-temperature environment.
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Summary Let’s enjoy games more comfortably with an SSD

Using an SSD as an external or as replacement of an internal storage takes advantages such as increasing storage capacity, or reducing the loading time. Let’s enjoy games more comfortably with an SSD.

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