[TOPIC] What are the best USB drives?

Let’s learn how to choose the suitable one for you

These days, price of USB memory has becoming cheaper. Although it is fairly reasonable, you still may have difficulty to buy it due to various capacities and features. What kind of USB memory is suitable for you? This content explains how to choose USB memories and our recommended products.

  1. Index
    1.1 How to choose USB memories?
    1-1. Connector type
    1-2. Capacity
    1-3. Other functions
  2. 2. Just one caution to use USB memory: Backup
  3. 3. Our recommended USB memories
    Summary Choose your best USB memory!

1. How to choose USB memories?

1-1. Connector type
There are several types of USB memory connectors like USB Type A, Type C, microUSB, and Lightning connectors. Connector type depends on devices that you use. Check what type of connector you need before purchase.
Generally, USB Type A or Type C is used on PC, microUSB or Type C is used on Android smartphones, and Lightning connector is used on iPhone.
Although you may choose the compatible one basically, some USB memories have a conversion adapter and you can use the USB on devices that has different type of connector. If you want to back up data both on a PC and a smartphone with a same USB memory, a USB with conversion adapter helps you.
For a USB memory with a Type A connector, the data transfer speed will be faster by selecting product that supports later standards such as USB3.0 and USB3.1.

・1-2. Capacity
Various capacities of USB memories are available from 1GB to more than 1TB. Usually, 4 to 64 GB is enough for daily use. However, depending on the type of data you have, it may be better to select a USB with larger capacity.
Basically, if you just want to save documents such as Excel and Word, 4GB is enough, and if you want to save files with large data capacity such as photos and videos, you might need 32GB or more. These are a kind of guideline to select capacity.

・1-3. Other functions
In addition to storing data, some USB memories have other functions. For example, some have a cap to protect a connector part, are the sliding type, and are waterproof. These are convenient for carrying around.
Also, some have security functions like encryption. It helps you handle data more safely. If you want to save important data used on your work, you should choose the one with security functions. Since these additional functions are very useful, it is recommended to check what kind of additional functions you need before purchasing.

2. Just one caution to use USB memory: Backup
You can easily carry your data with USB memory. However, since it uses flash memory, you cannot avoid deterioration due to repeated writing and long-term neglect. It is not suitable for storing data semi-permanently, so it is recommended to use it for temporary backup or storage.

・3. Our recommended USB memories
Our popular USB memory “LMC-GU3” series have three colors, white, red and black. It comes with a cap to protect a connector part. Since the cap is connected with the body part, you do not need to worry about losing the cap. In addition, the cap can be opened and closed with one hand, so that you can use it without any stress.
The body is small and comes with a hole that can attach a strap to prevent it from being lost or confused with other’s one. Also, it is easy to mobile it with the strap hole.
Moreover, you data can be transferred at high speed since it supports USB3.1 Gen1 (USB3.0).
Three capacities are available; 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Choose the one that suitable for your data.

Summary Choose your best USB memory!
Referencing above-mentioned points please choose the suitable one for your work.

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