[TOPIC] Less capacity! How can we expand an HDD or an SSD?

These days, we use large amounts of data like high-quality videos and photos not only at work place, but also at home and outside. Along with that, of course the capacity of internal HDDs and SSDs of PC is increasing, however sometime you run out the capacity when you store many videos and photos. This content tells you how you can add HDDs and SSDs in such a case.

1. How can you expand an HDD and an SSD?
2. For small PCs and laptop PCs, you can easily add drives using USB
3. You can also use NAS instead of an additional disk!

・1. How can you expand an HDD and an SSD?
There are several ways to add an HDD and an SSD. If you have an extra internal connector and extra space to store an additional drive on your desktop PC, you can add an internal drive. In this case, you need to purchase a new drive, open you PC case, connects with a connector, screw up, secure disk space, and format. These works may be difficult for a beginner. There are PCs that does not have any extra space for adding a drive since a majority of recent desktop PC are small. Then you can add an external drive with USB cable.

・2. For small PCs and laptop PCs, you can easily add drives using USB
It is easy for small desktop PCs and laptop PCs, which are popular these days, to have an additional drive by using USB. (No need to worry. Of course you can do the same with a large desktop PC.) If both a PC and an external drive support USB3.0, data can be exchanged at a fairly high speed. You may feel almost same as using an internal drive. Recently external SSDs are becoming popular and of course you can use it for expansion, however, since HDDs are superior in capacity to SSDs at the same price, HDDs are likely chosen for an expansion. It’s very easy to add an external HDD just by connecting with USB, so that you may purchase multiple external HDDs and use them according to your purpose.

・3. You can also use NAS instead of an additional disk!
Though a general external disk is directly connected to a PC using USB, you can use NAS that is a shared disk located on a network (LAN), if you need to share your data with multiple people at work place or at home. With NAS, you can share your HDD with multiple people so that each person enjoy shared music, photos, and movies on their own PCs. There are various types and models of NAS and some are easy to set up while the others are slightly complicated. If you have any question about installing NAS, it may be better for you to ask about it with specialized vendors.

It has been becoming easy to add drives since the transfer speed of USB has increased and more types of external HDDs and SSDs become available. Although it is useful to have more capacity, a large capacity means bigger damages when the data is lost. What you need to do is making backup. It is recommended to buy two same external drives and use one of them for making a backup. A software that can automatically make a backup is available. If you store data on two drives, it is unlikely that the both data are damaged at the same time.

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