[TOPIC] What to do if you hear an abnormal noise from the HDD?

If you use a same computer for a long time, you may hear strange noises from the internal hard disk. If you hear the sound for the first time, you may think that it is temporarily in bad condition and leave it as it is. However, the abnormal noise of a hard disk can be a precursor to failure. So as not to be too late to deal with, keep in mind what to do if you hear a strange noise. By the way, in case of an SSD, since it is a type of memory, there is almost no noise. However, instead, data may suddenly become unreadable or the drive itself may become unrecognizable without any warning. Therefore, be especially careful when using it, and make sure you learn what to do in the unlikely event.

1. Sounds from an HDD
2. What to do if you hear an abnormal noise from a HDD
2-1. If a PC can still be started normally
2-2. If data is corrupted
2-3. If your PC does not start
3. Conclusion

・1. Sounds from an HDD
You may hear sounds from an HDD when you start your computer or read files. Not all sounds are faulty. An HDD makes some noise even under normal conditions, for example, a rotation noise of the motor or a driving noise. And, in general, an HDD tends to make a rotation noise louder as it deteriorates over time.

Then, in what cases is a failure suspected? For example, if you suddenly hear a rattling noise, or if a driving noise gradually increases, you should suspect there is a failure or deterioration. These signs fit not only to an internal HDD in a PC, but also to an external HDD.

In case of an SSD, although it often leads to failure without any sign, be careful when you get a series of errors that you have never seen during writing and reading, or when you suddenly cannot save data. The lifespan of SSDs is generally 5 years or more, but it does not mean an SSD that never used promise a whole lifespan. If it is left unused at all, data may be lost due to deterioration over time.

・2. What to do if you hear an abnormal noise from a HDD
Then, what should you do if you actually hear an abnormal noise from an HDD? In this content, we explain how to deal with an abnormal noise from an HDD.

・2-1. If a PC can still be started normally
First, back up your data stored on your PC. Then, replace an HDD or an SSD if possible.

・2-2. If data is corrupted
First, recover your data and then back it up. In addition to using free software for data recovery, you can ask a professional to recover data as well if you need help. After that, if possible, replace an HDD or an SSD, or replace a computer.

・2-3. If your PC does not start
It is better to ask a specialist to repair and recover your data, focusing on safety rather than self-help. After recovery, back up your data, and if possible, replace an HDD or an SSD, or replace your computer. However, in this case, sometime a drive cannot be repaired, and in that case, even a professional may not be able to handle it.

・3. Conclusion
HDDs and SSDs are consumables. Therefore, if you continue to use it for a long time, it deteriorates and eventually breaks down. For example, HDDs are generally supposed to be replaced about 2 to 3 years. However, some stop working within one month after purchase, and some can be used even after 10 years. Therefore, it is also important to periodically start dedicated software such as CrystalDiskInfo and check the S.M.A.R.T information in order to grasp the possibility of failure in advance.
* “S.M.A.R.T information” is a numerical value that manages health status of an HDD or an SSD by a diagnostic function of the HDD and SSD itself. It is very important to learn how to deal with an abnormal sounds from an HDD or an SSD in advance so that you will not be in panic.

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