[TOPIC] Learn HDD maintenance method to avoid being panic

To check an HDD regularly if there is any problem leads to improved performance and prevents trouble of a personal computer. The most common way to check an HDD is to carry out “HDD check disk”. Since it is an HDD that stores important data, let’s self-maintain it so that it can be used smoothly by extending its life as much as possible. This content introduces how to maintain an HDD.


  1. 1. HDD check disk
  2. 1-1. How to check disk
    2. Other maintenance methods
    2-1. Defrag
    2-2. Delete unnecessary applications
  3. 3. Conclusion

・1. HDD check disk
HDD check disk is a program for repairing defects on an HDD. It finds and repairs damaged parts of an HDD, or mark the damaged parts that can no longer be used so that they will not be used forcibly. The check disk should be performed once or twice a month as a guide, but it may take several hours depending on the condition of an HDD. During the check disk, the HDD is frequently accessed, so avoid operating a computer or shutting down. Therefore, it is recommended that you do this when you are not using your computer with plenty of time. Also, this work may cause an HDD to be in poor condition, so be sure to make a backup in case of the worst.

  • Repair work with a check disk is for the file system (software), and it is not possible to repair the life of the hard disk or failure due to external factors.

・1-1. How to check disk
Let’s take Windows 10 as an example.
After starting Windows, open My Computer.
Right-click the drive where you want to check a disk and click “Properties”.
A dialog will open where you can check and maintain your HDD by clicking “Scan Drive”. Besides that, on Windows you can do the same check by using the command chkdsk.

・2. Other maintenance methods
In addition to the maintenance mentioned above, you can check HDD errors and keep your hard disk clean by defragmenting and deleting unnecessary applications.

・2-1. Defrag
Select “PC”-> “Administration”-> “Cleanup” or “Optimize” at the top.
There is also software that defragments with the check disk, so it is a good idea to use such a convenient tool.

・2-2. Delete unnecessary applications
From “PC (Computer)”-> “Programs and Features”-> “Uninstall or change programs”, delete infrequently used or unnecessary files.
Then you can organize free space on your hard disk and keep it clean.

・3. Conclusion
HDD maintenance does not mean that you should perform check disk and defragmentation on a daily basis. This is because there is a risk of unnecessarily accelerating deterioration or causing problems. Although it depends on your usage situation, once a month or once every two weeks as a guide is recommended to keep an HDD in a stress-free state.

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