[TOPIC] Procedure for sharing and saving data saved on HDDs or SSDs

Have you ever wanted to share data with other PCs while using your PC? Also, how do people who use personal computers at work, share files within the work place? There are many ways to share files. By sharing files, you can easily manage data on other PCs and eliminate the hassle of your work. One of them is to use an external HDD with NAS or a router. This content introduces a specific method for file sharing.


  1. 1. Use NAS
  2. 2. Use an external HDD or SSD as a file server
  3. 3. Conclusion

・1. Use NAS
The most common way to share a variety of data is with NAS. NAS is an abbreviation of Network Attached Storage and means a storage device (a hard disk) connected to a network.
Since NAS uses a network, which means an Internet connection, for data sharing, it can be accessed from multiple PCs at the same time. If Wi-Fi is available, there is an advantage that data can be accessed not only from a personal computer but also from a tablet device or a smartphone. By using NAS, which is an HDD that can be connected to a network, you can share not only files such as Word and Excel, but also various data such as images including photos, videos, and music.

・2. Use an external HDDs or SSDs as a file server
If the broadband router you using has a USB port, you can also use it as a NAS by converting an external HDD or SSD into a file server. By connecting an external HDD to the USB port of the broadband router or inserting a USB flash memory, you can use it as a server for shared files.
Also, depending on a router you are using, you can simply connect an external HDD or USB flash memory to the USB port and click [Utility → External HDD or USB flash memory drive] to connect.
However, there are some caveats in this case. Normally, the router is mostly used in Auto mode, but it is necessary to switch this to router mode in order to make it a file server. Also, make a backup of the data in the external HDD and USB flash memory that will be the file server just in case.

*Depending on products, it may not be possible to execute. When using with the above method, please check your wireless LAN router and external HDD in advance.
*For detailed setting method, refer to the instruction manual of the wireless LAN router you are using.

・3. Conclusion
There are many ways to share data online, such as online storage services and cloud storage services. In addition, there are various types such as those that store data only on an online server and those that store the same data on both a backup device like as an HDD or SSD and an online server.
These have an advantage of being able to realize file sharing without any hardware, however there are also disadvantages such as being insecure and limited capacity because the data is stored on an online storage. Including NAS or an external HDD or SSD file server introduced here, firstly consider what kind of data you want to access and share it with whom and with how many people, and choose a suitable sharing method for you.

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