[TOPIC] What is the best way to use SSDs? Introducing benefits of using with an HDD

HDDs have been used for many years as an internal storage that is indispensable for storing data in personal computers and home video game consoles. However, in recent years, SSDs have become widely used. Although SSDs are attractive for their high-speed data transfer speeds, they can be used better when used in combination with HDDs. Here, we explain basics for using an SSD well, such as how to use an SSD to improve work efficiency and the merits of using it together with an HDD.


  1. 1. Basic usage of SSD
  2. 1-1. Internal SSD
  3. 1-2. External SSD
  4. 2. Use SSD even better! Combined use with an HDD
  5. 2-1. Speeding up startup / reading
  6. 2-2. A large amount of data can be saved
  7. 3. Conclusion Make good use of SSD to create a stress-free work environment
  8. 4. Our Recommended Products

・1. Basic usage of SSD
Same as HDDs, there are two types of SSDs: internal SSDs and external SSDs. SSDs read and write data faster than HDDs, though the speed of reading and writing may slow down when the free space is decreased. It is better to delete unnecessary data regularly and enable Trim function. In addition, SSDs have not only the size standard such as 2.5 inch and mSATA, but also the interface (connection) standard such as SATA and M.2. Please also pay attention to the SSD standard when you choose it.
*To use the Trim function, it is necessarily that the SSD device is a model (firmware) that supports the Trim instruction.

・1-1. Internal SSD
As the name implies, an internal SSD is an SSD that is built into an electronic device such as a personal computer. There are some models with SSD installed from the beginning, though if you want to use an internal SSD with a computer whose drive is an HDD, you need to purchase an SSD replacement kit. Replacing with SSD has major advantages such as “low power consumption”, “strong impact resistance”, and “quiet operation sound” in addition to faster data processing speed and boot speed.

・1-2. External SSD
External SSD is used by connecting from the outside such as a personal computer or PS4. You can increase the storage capacity by connecting an SSD via USB. External portable SSDs are lighter and more shock-resistant than HDDs, making them convenient to carry. You can also take out an internal SSD or HDD and put it in a special case to use it as an external storage.

・2. Use SSD even better! Combined use with an HDD
Another way to use SSDs better is to use HDDs together. Please try the following methods to use an SSD and an HDD together.
・Purchase a PC that equip both an SSD and an HDD from the beginning
・Built-in SSD and HDD together
・Use with an external SSD or HDD
Combining the merits of SSD and HDD may lead to further improvement of work efficiency.

・2-1. Speeding up startup / reading
The high-speed startup and reading that uses both an SSD and an HDD can be used not only for personal computers but also for game consoles such as PS4. If you play games on PS4 Pro, you may want to try it because the loading time can be shortened and you can play the game comfortably. However, please note that reading and writing will not be accelerated unless an OS, applications and games are saved on the SSD.

・2-2. A large amount of data can be saved
If you use an SSD and an HDD together, it will be easier to save a large amount of data. If you try to purchase a capacity that exceeds 1 TB with an SSD alone, it will be expensive. However, by using an HDD together as a storage destination for large capacity data, it is possible to reduce the cost compared to an SSD alone. Since the capacity of photos, videos, music tends to be large, it is recommended to save them to an HDD.

・3. Conclusion. Make good use of SSD to create a stress-free work environment
If you wonder how to use an SSD, it is recommended to use it together with an HDD. By using an SSD and an HDD together, you can take advantage of each of them and improve work efficiency. How about building a stress-free work environment by making good use of both features?

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