[TOPIC] What happens if an SSD runs out of capacity? Introducing how to solve a capacity shortage

In recent years, the number of laptop and desktop computers that equip an SSD has been increasing. Do you know that SSDs can read and write data faster than HDDs, however has less capacity? In this content, we introduce solutions when an SSD capacity is insufficient. If your SSD capacity starts to get tight, try to deal with it as soon as possible.


  1. 1. Impact of insufficient SSD capacity
  2. 1-1. Slowdown
  3. 1-2. Life be shortened
  4. 2. Ways to solve SSD capacity shortage
  5. 2-1. Replace with a new SSD
  6. 2-2. Save data to an SD card
  7. 2-3. Use another external SSD / HDD
  8. 3. Conclusion. Let’s consider how to solve an SSD capacity shortage in advance
  9. 4. Our recommended product

・1. Impact of insufficient SSD capacity
As you use your computer, your data become more and more, and free space on an SSD gradually decreases. Here, we explain effects of insufficient capacity of an SSD that you should know when using an SSD-equipped PC.

・1-1. Slowdown
Insufficient free space on an SSD cause slow read and write speed. One of the causes of this issue is a characteristic of SSDs that data cannot be overwritten. When an SSD rewrites a file, it does not overwrite it, however writes to a free space. When the free space is low, the previous data is deleted so that the vacant space can be used again. Since more frequent writing means this process becomes more frequent and takes longer, speed of an SSD become slower. If you do not deal with this issue, your personal computer may tend to have errors as well. You had better to solve the SSD capacity shortage as soon as possible.

・1-2. Life be shortened
Insufficient SSD capacity may shorten even the life of SSDs itself. As mentioned above, SSDs cannot overwrite data. SSDs save data in empty areas and delete the past areas. For this reason, if a capacity is insufficient, the frequency of writing for data organization will increase and the life will be shortened. Therefore, SSDs have been considered to have a shorter lifespan than HDDs. However, modern SSDs have been overcoming this disadvantage.

・2. Ways to solve SSD capacity shortage
There are the following methods to solve SSDs capacity shortage.
・Delete data to free up SSD space
・Replace with a new SSD
・Save data to a new SD card
・Use another external SSD or HDD

・2-1. Replace with a new SSD
By replacing an old SSD with a new one, you can improve reading and writing speed again. When replacing an SSD, choose the one that has a larger capacity than the old one. This is because when data is copied (cloned) from the old one to a new one, if the capacity of the new one is less than the old one, there is a risk of squeezing the free space.
The procedure for replacing an SSD with a new one is to connect a new one to a computer and format it, then use the environment migration software to migrate the data. And replace the old one with a new one. Since it’s not a complicated procedure, you may feel relatively easy to migrate. Since the way of data migration may differ depending on an OS such as Windows or Mac, check a procedure of the OS you are using before proceeding.

・2-2. Save data to an SD card
There is a way to save data such as photos and videos to SD card so as not to occupy capacity of an SSD. An SD card is very small, convenient to carry around, and not bulky even if you have more than one. In addition, the price per capacity of an SD card is cheap, which leads to a reduction in expenses.

・2-3. Use another external SSD / HDD
There is a way as well to prevent a capacity of an internal SSD from being overwhelmed by using another SSD or HDD. Unlike when replacing with a new SSD, it is convenient since you can easily increase a capacity just by plugging it into an USB port.
Since external SSDs are lightweight, less driving noise, and more resistant to vibration than HDDs, these are suitable for people who work away from home. On the other hand, HDDs have a larger capacity and are more affordable than SSDs. Consider whether to use an SSD or an HDD as external, depending on how you use external storage.

・3. Conclusion. Let’s consider how to solve an SSD capacity shortage in advance
Insufficient SSD capacity has various effects, such as slowing down the data read and write speed and shortening the service life. In order to use your computer comfortably, it is better for you to consider how to solve the SSD capacity shortage before purchase. Choose the suitable one according to budget, capacity, and speed.

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