[TOPIC] What kind of machine is a duplicator?

WHAT KIND OF MACHINE IS A DUPLICATOR? When you copy data on optical media or HDDs, it takes longer as the amount of data increases. Many people have likely experienced that several hours are required to make a backup of your PC. It is a “Duplicator” that helps you on such a case. However you might not know about it, so this content explains what a duplicator can do and what are benefits of using it.1. What is a “Duplicator”?
2. Benefits of using a duplicator
2-1. Copy time can be shortened
2-2. No need to start up your PC
2-3. Various functions are available
3-1. HDD/SSD 2 bay duplicator dock with error skip feature [LHR-2BDPU3ES]
3-2. HDD/SSD 2 bay duplicator dock [LHR-2BDPU3]
Summary. Comfortably copy your data with a duplicator

[TOPIC] Less capacity! How can we expand an HDD or an SSD?

These days, we use large amounts of data like high-quality videos and photos not only at work place, but also at home and outside. Along with that, of course the capacity of internal HDDs and SSDs of PC is increasing, however sometime you run out the capacity when you store many videos and photos. This content tells you how you can add HDDs and SSDs in such a case.
1. How can you expand an HDD and an SSD?
2. For small PCs and laptop PCs, you can easily add drives using USB
3. You can also use NAS instead of an additional disk!

[TOPIC] No need to waste any more time! Learn key points to choose HDDs and SSDs

When you look for a new PC, which an HDD or an SSD is used for a PC is very important. You would like to select a PC that has suitable HDD/SSD for your purpose of using. However, it seems that many people do not know how they should choose an HDD/SSD. In this content, please learn how to choose the best HDD/SSD for you not to waste your time in front of a showcase.

[TOPIC] Six our recommended SSDs!

How to choose an external/internal SSD
1-1. Choose by capacity
1-2. Choose by connection type
1-3. Choose by NAND
1-4. Choose by read/write speed
Additional important points to choose an external portable SSD
Recommended our SSDs
3-1. Impact resistant Portable SSD, smooth rubber framed, USB3.1 Gen1, 480GB, Made in Japan [LMD-PBL480U3BK]
3-2. Portable SSD, Emboss processing, USB3.1 Gen1, 480GB [LMD-PBR480U3BK]
3-3. Portable SSD, Emboss processing, USB3.1 Gen2, Type-C, 480GB [LMD-PBR480UCBK]
3-4. Internal SSD with replacement kit, comes with HDD case, 480GB [LMD-SS480KU3]
3-5. Internal SSD, 2.5inch, SATA, 960GB [LMD-SAB960]
3-6. Internal SSD with DRAM, M.2, NVMe, 512GB [LMD-MPDB512]
Summary Consider how you use it before purchasing

[TOPIC] Make a backup for SD cards!

It seems that many people make a backup data of photos and contacts saved on their smartphone to SD cards like a microSD. Unfortunately, SD cards could be damaged for various reasons. Even if you make a backup on a SD card, sometime it might become unreadable as well. Therefore, we would recommend backing up the data on an SD card as well. This content introduces why making back up of an SD card is recommended and how to make a backup.

[TOPIC] What are the best USB drives?

These days, price of USB memory has becoming cheaper. Although it is fairly reasonable, you still may have difficulty to buy it due to various capacities and features. What kind of USB memory is suitable for you? This content explains how to choose USB memories and our recommended products.

[TOPIC]Let’s shorten the loading time on PS4®!

Have you ever had a stressful loading time when using a PS4®? If so, you may be able to resolve the problem by improving the performance of the internal drive of PS4®. Recent PS4® software has a large amount of data due to its high image quality and high performance, which results in a long loading time.
If you use an SSD, instead of an HDD, the reading speed becomes faster, and you can comfortably play PS4® software with a shorter loading time.

[TOPIC]Should we buy an HDD case rather than an external HDD?

An HDD designed to be built into a PC are called “internal HDD” or “bare drive”. An HDD case or enclosure means a case that is able to store an internal HDD. You can use an internal HDD as an external HDD by connecting an HDD case that stored an internal HDD with a PC.
This content explains advantages of using an HDD case, and shows you difference in types and how to choose.

[TOPIC]Replacing with an SSD could make your old PC comfortable!

Are you using an old laptop and considering replacing it with a new one? If the storage of the old laptop is an HDD, you may be able to improve the operation of it somehow just by replacing the HDD with an SSD. Would you like to try? This content introduces advantages and a method of replacing storage on an old PC with an SSD.


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