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What is an optical drive? Introducing the basics of optical drives, types and selection methods

One of the points to keep in mind when you purchase a personal computer is the presence or absence of an optical drive and its type. There are many different types of optical drives, and some of you may have difficulty to describe the differences. Therefore, this content introduces the basic knowledge of optical drives and the types of optical discs. How to choose an optical drive is also shown. We hope this content helps you choose your computer.

1. Types of optical discs
1-3.BD (Blu-ray Disc)
2. Types of optical drives
2-1. DVD drive
2-2. Blu-ray disc drive
3. How to choose an optical drive
3-1. Which optical disc do you usually use?
3-2. Select by writing speed
3-3. How to choose an external optical drive
4. Conclusion Choose the optical drive you need with the right knowledge
There are still many opportunities to use optical drives for recording music CDs. Since both drives and discs have many standards and are difficult to understand, get the right knowledge of optical discs and drives to choose the drive you need.