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How to choose a portable hard disk?
Introducing how to use and our recommended products

An external hard disk (HDD) can be used to easily increase a storage capacity when your PC run out of the storage, though if you have many opportunities to carry it around, using a small portable hard disk instead of an external HDD is recommended. This content explains how to use a portable HDD and our recommended products.

1. What is a portable HDD?
2. How to choose a portable HDD?
2-1. Check a storage capacity
2-2. Choose by connection terminals and transfer speeds
2-3. Check security performance
2-4. Consider durability if you carry HDD around
3. Precautions using a portable HDD
4. Our recommended portable HDDs
4-1. Portable HDD for TV recording 4TB
4-2. Impact resistant portable HDD 5TB
4-3. Impact resistant WD RED Plus portable HDD 1TB
4-4. Impact Resistant Encryption Security Portable HDD 1TB
4-5. Portable HDD for smartphones 1TB
5. Conclusion Let’s use portable HDDs conveniently