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How to use an external hard disk? How to choose guide

An external hard disk is convenient since you can increase the amount of data that can be stored in a device by connecting. Unlike a built-in hard disk, it is easy to connect to a device, and if it is small and lightweight, it can be carried around. In this article, we explains how to use an external hard disk well even for beginners of personal computers and digital devices, showing points to choose a suitable external hard disk according to usages.

1. How to use an external hard disk
1-1. Connect to a computer
1-2. Connect to your smartphone
1-3. Save a recorded TV program
2. How to choose an HDD according to your purpose
2-1. Use for backing up desktop PCs and recording TV programs
2-2. To carry
3. To choose NAS type products
4. Conclusion Let’s understand features of an external HDD and make effective use of it.

Since external hard disks have different characteristics depending on how they are used and devices to be connected, so make sure you understand them and choose a suitable one for you. It is also important to select an appropriate type of external HDD, considering which you want to connect with and how to use in daily life.

What to do when an HDD shows “Parameter is incorrect”?

When you try to use an external HDD, SSD, and USB memory, and insert them into a USB port, you get an error saying “E: \ (drive) cannot be accessed. The parameter is incorrect” and they are not recognized. This error indicates that there is a problem with a drive, and if something goes wrong with something other than the main boot disk, such as an external drive, USB stick, or a second or more internal disk. If there is a problem with the main drive for booting, an OS itself will not boot. Let’s calmly deal with this situation by following the procedure introduced this content.

1. What is the cause of the error that “Parameter is incorrect” is displayed?
2. What to do if a message “Parameter is incorrect” appears while using an HDD
3. How to prevent “wrong parameter” error?
4. Conclusion
The “wrong parameter” error is one of the most difficult phenomena to repair related to optical discs, though it occurs relatively frequently. If you face this error, try the steps introduced here. However, if you are not confident that you can do it yourself, consult a specialist as soon as possible. If you want to surely rescue the data stored in HDD, SSD, and USB memory, asking the specialists are still safer. In addition, in order to prevent such errors and avoid data loss in an unlikely event, it is important to handle HDDs and SSDs according to the correct procedure and to make frequent backups. Be sure to back up important files to another location.