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HDDs and SSDs security measures Let’s learn encryption

When taking a PC or an external HDD outside, information leakage countermeasures are important. In fact, there are many cases of loss or theft due to misplacement, and if that happens, important data in an HDD may be leaked. Especially in the case of companies, since confidential information and personal information are often handled, if information is leaked, it may lead to major problems such as credit loss and compensation. To prevent this from happening, let’s thoroughly implement security measures for HDDs and SSDs. This content introduces encryption.

1. HDDs and SSDs encryption
2. Differences between software and hardware encryption
3. Our recommended products
4. Conclusion
Nowadays, security management is one of the most importance issue in many situations. In particular, there are many large-scale information leakage from companies. First of all, it is important to handle information carefully at the individual level for it not to be seen by a third party. Let’s review the security measures by encrypting an internal and external HDD and SSD.

How to choose a portable hard disk?
Introducing how to use and our recommended products

An external hard disk (HDD) can be used to easily increase a storage capacity when your PC run out of the storage, though if you have many opportunities to carry it around, using a small portable hard disk instead of an external HDD is recommended. This content explains how to use a portable HDD and our recommended products.

1. What is a portable HDD?
2. How to choose a portable HDD?
2-1. Check a storage capacity
2-2. Choose by connection terminals and transfer speeds
2-3. Check security performance
2-4. Consider durability if you carry HDD around
3. Precautions using a portable HDD
4. Our recommended portable HDDs
4-1. Portable HDD for TV recording 4TB
4-2. Impact resistant portable HDD 5TB
4-3. Impact resistant WD RED Plus portable HDD 1TB
4-4. Impact Resistant Encryption Security Portable HDD 1TB
4-5. Portable HDD for smartphones 1TB
5. Conclusion Let’s use portable HDDs conveniently

These days, we use large amounts of data like high-quality videos and photos not only at work place, but also at home and outside. Along with that, of course the capacity of internal HDDs and SSDs of PC is increasing, however sometime you run out the capacity when you store many videos and photos. This content tells you how you can add HDDs and SSDs in such a case.
1. How can you expand an HDD and an SSD?
2. For small PCs and laptop PCs, you can easily add drives using USB
3. You can also use NAS instead of an additional disk!

When you look for a new PC, which an HDD or an SSD is used for a PC is very important. You would like to select a PC that has suitable HDD/SSD for your purpose of using. However, it seems that many people do not know how they should choose an HDD/SSD. In this content, please learn how to choose the best HDD/SSD for you not to waste your time in front of a showcase.

1. Importance of data storage
2. Which media should you choose for data storage?
2-1. LTO
2-2. HDD
2-3. SSD
2-4. Memory card
2-5. USB memory
2-6. Optical disk
2-7. M-Disk
2-8. Cloud storage
Summary Make a backup regularly

An internal HDD is popular since the price per capacity is cheaper, though you may wonder what you should choose as there are many kinds. This content introduce you how to choose an internal HDD and our recommended products.