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What are the necessary conditions of use?
A new game console “PlayStation 5 (PS5)” was released on November 12, 2020. The specifications have been greatly improved compared to PS4, such as 16GB memory and 8K output. In addition, the regular model equip an UHDBD (UltraHD Blu-ray) compatible optical disk drive (Digital Edition does not equip it). Although PS5 is already high-spec, it is recommended to prepare an external SSD for it if you want to enjoy games more comfortably. In this content, we explain why you need an external SSD to play PS5 comfortably, requirements of SSDs that can be used, and recommended external SSD products.
1. Why do you need an external SSD for PS5?
1-1. Capacity shortage can be solved
1-2. PS4 games can be saved to an external SSD
1-3. Loading time can be shortened comparing to playing on PS4
2. Specifications of external SSDs that can be used with PS5
3. External SSDs used in PS4 and PS4 Pro can be used as well
4. Our recommended external SSDs for PS5
4-1. M.2 internal SSD replacement kit, 1024GB, NVMe compatible
4-2. External SSD, Portable, 960GB, USB3.1 Gen2, Type-C
4-3. External SSD, Portable, 960GB, USB3.1 Gen1
4-4. High durability external SSD, Portable, 960GB, USB3.1 Gen1
Conclusion. Let’s prepare an external SSD for PS5s

How to choose an external/internal SSD
1-1. Choose by capacity
1-2. Choose by connection type
1-3. Choose by NAND
1-4. Choose by read/write speed
Additional important points to choose an external portable SSD
Recommended our SSDs
3-1. Impact resistant Portable SSD, smooth rubber framed, USB3.1 Gen1, 480GB, Made in Japan [LMD-PBL480U3BK]
3-2. Portable SSD, Emboss processing, USB3.1 Gen1, 480GB [LMD-PBR480U3BK]
3-3. Portable SSD, Emboss processing, USB3.1 Gen2, Type-C, 480GB [LMD-PBR480UCBK]
3-4. Internal SSD with replacement kit, comes with HDD case, 480GB [LMD-SS480KU3]
3-5. Internal SSD, 2.5inch, SATA, 960GB [LMD-SAB960]
3-6. Internal SSD with DRAM, M.2, NVMe, 512GB [LMD-MPDB512]
Summary Consider how you use it before purchasing

Have you ever had a stressful loading time when using a PS4®? If so, you may be able to resolve the problem by improving the performance of the internal drive of PS4®. Recent PS4® software has a large amount of data due to its high image quality and high performance, which results in a long loading time.
If you use an SSD, instead of an HDD, the reading speed becomes faster, and you can comfortably play PS4® software with a shorter loading time.