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What happens if an SSD runs out of capacity? Introducing how to solve a capacity shortage

In recent years, the number of laptop and desktop computers that equip an SSD has been increasing. Do you know that SSDs can read and write data faster than HDDs, however has less capacity? In this content, we introduce solutions when an SSD capacity is insufficient. If your SSD capacity starts to get tight, try to deal with it as soon as possible.

1. Impact of insufficient SSD capacity
1-1. Slowdown
1-2. Life be shortened
2. Ways to solve SSD capacity shortage
2-1. Replace with a new SSD
2-2. Save data to an SD card
2-3. Use another external SSD / HDD
3. Conclusion. Let’s consider how to solve an SSD capacity shortage in advance
4. Our recommended product
Insufficient SSD capacity has various effects, such as slowing down the data read and write speed and shortening the service life. In order to use your computer comfortably, it is better for you to consider how to solve the SSD capacity shortage before purchase. Choose the suitable one according to budget, capacity, and speed.

How to choose an SD card reader? Introducing points and usage when choosing

For smartphones and tablets other than some models such as iPhone, digital cameras, and drive recorders, many people may be using an SD card as a data storage destination, because of insufficient internal storage capacity, no internal storage, or to share saved data with other devices such as computers. However, some PCs do not have a slot for SD cards. If you want to read data in an SD card with a device that does not support an SD card, it is convenient to use an “SD card reader”. In this content, we introduces how to use and select an SD card reader.
If you have an SD card reader, you can use it for various purposes such as reading SD card data and backing up data even on a PC, iPhone, iPad, that does not have an SD card slot. It is convenient to have an SD card reader. Since the supported media and standards are different, be sure to select the most suitable SD card reader for your application.

What causes an SD card to be displayed as damaged?

SD cards are media used in many devices as external storage media for digital cameras, smartphones, and mobile phones. Many people are actually using SD cards. However, suddenly a message such as “SD card is damaged” may appear on the screen and the data inside the card may become completely unreadable. You may be in a panic when it contains important photos and videos. What should you do when such a situation occurs?
In this content, we introduces what to do if the screen of your smartphone or other device displays something like “SD card is damaged” and you cannot read the data. Remember some of the possible causes and how to recover your data so that you don’t have to worry about it in case of emergency.
Many people are using SD cards to store data on their smartphones and digital cameras. However, it is possible that the SD card is damaged suddenly. It is important to back up your data firmly by using cloud services provided by PC makers and mobile phone companies so that you will not be in a hurry even if you suddenly lose access to your data.

It seems that many people make a backup data of photos and contacts saved on their smartphone to SD cards like a microSD. Unfortunately, SD cards could be damaged for various reasons. Even if you make a backup on a SD card, sometime it might become unreadable as well. Therefore, we would recommend backing up the data on an SD card as well. This content introduces why making back up of an SD card is recommended and how to make a backup.

Recently, the capacity of game software is getting large. Therefore, when the number of your games increase, or you download game contents, the built-in storage may run out of space. In that case, it is necessary to replace the internal storage or use an external one. Especially when replacing the storage used for games, it is recommended to choose an SSD than an HDD. Following sections introduce you the advantages of using an SSD as a storage for games, important points when choosing an SSD, and how to use an SSD on a home video game.